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Rate Applicable From 1st June 2021

Deposit Interest Rate Chart

Sr. No.   ParticularsCommon (Interest Rate p.a)For Senior Citizen / Army /Kanya
Interest Rates p.a
115 to 45 days3.75%3.75%
246 to 90 days4.00%4.00%
391 to 180 days4.5%4.5%
4181 to 364 days5.00%5.00%
51 to 2 years5.75%6.25 %
62 to 3 years5.85%6.35%
73 to 5 years6.00%6.50%
85 years above5.85%6.35%

Rate Applicable From 1st August 2021

Loan Interest Rate Chart

Sr. No.Type of LoanInterest Rates % (p.a)Rebate%(t&c)
1Hypothication/Cash Credit12.50%
3Gold Loan10.00%1%
4Gold Loan CC10.00%
5Personal Loan13.00%
6Shop Purchase11.50%1%
7Housing Loan (New)8.50%
8Housing (Repairing)10.95%
9Term Loan (Mortgage)11.50%1%
Term Loan (Without Mortgage)12.00%
10Educational Loan10.50%
11Secured Loan Against Property12.50%1%
12Working Capital11.00%1.75%
13Advance Against Lease12.00%
14Agriculture & Allied Activities12.50%
15Advance Against FDR1% More than Deposite Interest Rate

Savings Interest Rate Chart

Sr. No.Savings AccountInterest Rates % (p.a)
2Yuva Saving4.00%

Recurring Deposit Interest Rate Chart

Sr. No.Reccuring DepositCommon For Senior Citizen / Army /Kanya
Interest Rates p.a
112 to 23 Months5.75%6.25%
224 to 35 Months5.85%6.35%
336 to 59 Months6.00%6.50%
460 Months and Above5.85%6.35%
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