RBI License: MH-730-P10/12/1986 Co-op. Reg. No. : 30797 Dt. 05/08/1961

Service Charges

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SERVICE CHARGESNew recommendations
Amount +GST
All Other Loan (Excluding (Bank Own FDR)Adv Ag FDR/OD/RD)for cash credit loan
Upto Rs 10000/- is Rs 5/- +GST
Rs 10001/- and above Rs 10/-+GST
Upto 50000/- is Rs 10/- + GST
Rs 50001/- to 100000/- Rs 20/- +GST
Rs 100001/- to 200000/- is Rs 30/- + GST
Rs 200001/- TO 500000/- is Rs 40/- + GST
Rs 500001/- and Above Rs 50/- + GST
Minimum Rs 25/- +GST
For Rs 1000/- Rs 1/-+ GST
Maximum Rs 500/- + GST
IBC/OBCUpto Rs 1000/- is Rs 10/- + GST
Rs 1001/- to 2500/- is Rs 15/-+GST
Rs 2501/- to Rs 5000/- is Rs 25/- GST
Rs 5001/- to 10000/- is Rs 30/- +GST
Rs 10,001/- and above per 1000/- is Rs 2.50/- maximum Rs 1700/-+GST
Additional Postal Charges should be taken under- 'Postage and Telegram
PAY ORDER Rs. 0.80 paise per Rs. 1000/-+GST
Minimum Rs 10/-+GST
Maximum Rs. 2500 +GST
Solvency certificateUpto 5 Lacs Rs.500/-+GST Above 5LAcs to 25 Lacs s. 750/-+GST Above 25 Lacs to rs. 50 Lacs Rs.1000/-+GST Above Rs. 50 Lacs to 100LAcs Rs 1500/-+GST Above 100LAcs Rs. 2500/-+GST
minimum Rs 250/- +GST Maximum Rs 2500/-
Bank Guarantee(ag.Own Fdr)minimum Rs 500/- per Year , Rs. 1.50% per annum for per hundereds, maximum Rs 2500/-+GST
Minimum balance charges
Saving Account Rs 50/-+GST (quarterly)
Current Account Rs 100/-+GST (Quarterly)
Account Closing Charges
Saving Account Rs 150/-+GST(before 6 months) Rs 100/-+GST (ahead)
Current AccountRs 200/-+GST
Duplicate Passbook Charges (under 'Printing and Stationary a/c')Rs 100/-+GST
Duplicate Statement charges (under 'Printing and Stationary a/c')Rs 15/-+GST per page
Processing fee
For Gold Loan, Loan on Fixed Deposit, Loan on National Saving Certificate, Loan on Short term depositNo Processing Fee
Vehicle Loans1] 0.50% on sanctioned Loan+GST
2] Minimum Rs 500/-+ GST
3] Maximum Rs 5000/-+GST
Other Loans1] 1% on sanctioned Loa+GST
2] Minimum Rs 500/-+GST
3] Maximum Rs 10000/-+GST
Renewal1] 0.25% on sanctioned Loan+GST
2] Minimum Rs 100/-+GST
3] Maximum Rs 5000/-+GST
Loan Sanction / Disbursement Visit ChargesAbove Lacs Rs. 250/-+GST(quarterly)
Cheque Book Issue Charges
Savings, Current and Loan Accounts(under Printing and Stationary a/c)Micr cheque Rs 3/- per cheque for finance Rs 30/-+ GST per cheque
Unused cheque charges at the time of closureRs.10/-+GST per instruments
Cheque/ECS Return Charges Outword Clearing Rs 50/-+GST
Inward Clearing Rs 200/-+GST
Cheque/ECS Return Charges (under other income a/c) Per Cheque Rs 50/- +GST
inward Ecs MandateRs.50/+GST-per instance
Cts/NACH Processing charges per instrumentOutward Rs. 1/-+GST Inward Rs. 2/-+GST
Locker Operate Charges/ Annual charges depends upon Locker SizeOperating Charges in Rupees (annual)
Rs. 500/-30/-+GST
Rs. 700/-40/-+GST
Rs. 1000/-60/-+GST
Rs. 1500/-90/-+GST
Rs. 2000/-120/-+GST
Rs. 4000/-240/-+GST
Rs. 5000/-300/-+GST
Old Records information
before 12 months----
13 to 60 months 200/-+GST
60 months and AboveMiminum Rs 300/- maximum Rs 750/-+GST
locker break open charges in case of lost of key / Non Payment of rent (Other than company charges)Rs. 750/-+GST
Change of mode of operation / Standing InstructionRs.100/-+GST
Cash handling charges
savingNo charges upto Rs. 1 Lakh .Above 1 Lakh (In single day) Rs.1 /-per Packet(No. 100)+GST
Current a/cNo charges upto Rs. 2 Lakh. Above 1 Lakh (In single day) Rs.2 /-per Packet(No. 100)+GST
Sms charges
Saving Account Rs.15/-+GST (quarterly)
Current AccountRs.25/- +GST(quarterly)
PAY ORDER Stop payment / Dulicate / Revalidation / CancellationRs.100/-+GST(Other bank charges)
Noc / Signature Verification chargesRs.100/-+GST
Government challanRs.100/-+GST
NEFT Other than Saving A/C
Upto Rs. 10000/- Rs 2+GST APPLICABLE
Rs.10001/- to 100000/-Rs.4+GST APPLCABLE
Rs.100001/- to 199999/-Rs.12+GST APPLCABLE
RS 200000 TO 500000/-RS 20+GST APPLICABLE
ATM / Debit Card charges
Loss / damage ReissueRs.150/-+GST
New issue ( new customer_) / replacement
Yearly service chatgesRs.125/-+GST
Tc ChargesRS.100/- +GST(for 2wheelers) RS.200/-+GST (for 3 Wheelers) Rs.300/-+GST(for 4 Wheelers)
Duplicate noc charges(Loan)Rs.250/-+GST
Duplicate FDR Receipt ChargesRs.100/-+GST
Recurring deposit(delay of Installment) Rs.2.00 +GST per month/ inst. per hundred Advance installment can be adjusted towoards default.
Loan Application FormRs.50/-+GST per form(Excluding Gold loan, Ad. Ag. Deposit)
Defaulters notice charges
Ist notice Borrower +Gaurantor each person Rs.75/-+GST
2nd noticeBorrower +Gaurantor each person Rs.100/-+GST
3rd Notice Borrower +Gaurantor each person Rs.125/-+GST
4th And Subsequent noticeBorrower +Gaurantor each person Rs.150/-+GST
Gold Auction notice Borrower Rs.75/-+GST
Demand Notice issued by SRO Borrower +Gaurantor each person Rs.250/-+GST
Notice issue u/s 13(2)of SARFAESI ACTBorrower +Gaurantor each person Rs.1500/-+GST
Visit charges per visit to borrower for recovery purposeRs.250/-+GST
Reconveyance (Release Deed) ChargesRs.500/-+GST(At The time of a/c closing)
Sezing Charges
Two WheelersRs.500/-+GST
Three WheelersRs.1000/-+GST
Four WheelersRs.1000/-+GST
Heavy VehicleRs.1500/-+GST
In Case if CranesRs.1000/+GST-and Actual Outsourcing
Account operation through power of Attorny Rs.100/-+GST(on Every Change)
CERSAI ChargesRs.150 /-+GST Per Entry
CIBIL Charges
IndividualsRs.250/-+GST Per Report
Commercial(other Than individuals)Rs.500/-+GSTper Report